Monday, 4 March 2013


This is a video of Wizkid on Yvonne Ekwere's red carpet show. It was recorded at Iyanya's Lagos album launch.

When Yvonne asked Wizzy about his newly established Star Boi music label, Wizzy said:

Sunday, 3 March 2013


*lol* Male Student Wears Wrapper To School; Wins 20K Bet (PHOTOS)

A pre science student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (Mbaukwu Campus) shocked everybody yesterday Thursday 28/02/13 when he wore a wrapper to school.
The student who is in E2, earlier had a bet with some guys in his lecture hall that he could wear a wrapper to school and the guys promised to give him #20,000 if he did.
Guess what? The dude took the risk but lo and behold, after he stepped into his hall, the girls who could not hide their amusement started shouting, yelling and chanting.

The noise eventually attracted the security officers to the Hall and the boy was fished out & planked with heavy logs of wood. These action nearly stirred a riot in the school, as students detested the brutality saying the guy had the right to wear anything he chooses.

The guy ran away, while he was still being assaulted. But he became a kinda 'celebrity' overnight because BB's, Iphones, Cameras were everywhere

Nigerias Gay Church, House of Rainbow back in operation

Less than five years after Nigeria-only gay church, House of Rainbow, was attacked by some Lagos residents and consequently closed down in Nigeria, the church has returned to the country with three secret groups in the African most populous nation.

With this development, Nigeria appears to lead other countries where the church currently operates.

Founded by Nigerian-born gay, Rev. Rowland Jide Macaulay, House of Rainbow, which came to Nigeria in 2006, is “an inclusive and affirming religious community open and welcome to all people including sexual minorities and marginalised people, a monthly gathering of ‘people of faith’ for ‘prayer and praise’, which focuses on the person’s journey towards reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality.”

Macaulay, a trained lawyer and son of a reverend who owns a massive church in Lagos, is leading the comeback even though he remains in self-imposed exile in London, where sources said he currently enjoys lots of financial sponsorship for the movement.



A baby has become embroiled in an online race row after he was 'blacked up' to look like former Manchester City football player Mario Balotelli. 
Chocolate was smeared over the child's face and a washing-up sponge stuck on his head to copy the striker's Mohawk hair. 
A picture of the baby, who even sports the footballer's slogan 'Why Always Me?', was then posted on the Internet sparking outrage last night. The photo was retweeted 2,000 times.

Killers of 15 year old Nigerian boy, Junior Nkwelle, found guilty of manslaughter

A 14 year old girl who ordered the stabbing of 15 year old Nigerian boy, Junior Nkwelle, for being ‘disrespectful’ was found guilty of manslaughter yesterday March 1, 2013. 

Junior and his friends had been playing football near his home when an argument broke out. The teenage girl claimed Junior had insulted her during the argument. She then called her 16 year old boyfriend on the phone to a housing estate in Brixton and ordered him to ‘teach Junior a lesson’. The boyfriend thrust a carving knife once into Junior's chest, killing him. This happened in September 2012.

The teenage girl and her boyfriend were cleared of murder by a jury yesterday, but they are facing long prison terms after being  found guilty of manslaughter.