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The popular christian music and worship program will hold on the seventh of december 2012, exactly 36 days from today.
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These were the representatives of Nigeria at the Mercedes International fashion show which took place from the 24th to 28 October 2012, at the prestigious Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, South Africa.

 . All designs by Deola Sagoe.
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Here is a comedic take on the late Notorious BIG’s hit track “Ten Crack Commandments,” titled “Ten Weave Commandments” by @Urbancomedynet. . This is 2012. There is no excuse for women to walk around with matted fur on their heads. Weave only looks good when it’s well-maintained and clean. Don’t just put weave in and leave it in for 6 months. Your friends won’t tell you if your weave smells.
The Ten helpful Tips are as follows:
1. Never let your tracks show (self-explanatory)
2. Always travel with your weave glue (or hair pins in case a track falls out)
3. Always pat your head when it’s itchy (patting won’t pull out the tracks or make your hair messy)
4. Never lie and say “it’s all mine.”
5. Never make your weave too greasy (there’s nothing worse than a greasy weave, believe me)

6. Always travel with your brush (weave gets frizzy. Gotta keep it looking lush)
7. This rule is so overrated: keep your Remy and Yaki completely separated
8. Gel down your edges if they’re nappy (weave and nappy roots — that’s just tacky)
9. Nine should’ve been number 1 to me; ALWAYS know when to take out your weave!
10. Buy a wig just in case. If your hair is looking rough, put on a wig to cover it up.


more facts have emerged concerning the plane crash involving Governor Danbaba Suntai of Traba State.
it was disclosed that he was repeatedly warned not to fly on that fateful day due to weather conditions. However, he ignored the warnings and took control of the Cessna jet when the hired co pilot refused to fly.
According to the country's aviation policy, small jets like the Cessna plane Governor Suntai piloted on the day in question was only allowed to fly based on visuals from morning to 6.00 p.m. daily.

And once the sun sets, it is always difficult to fly smaller aircraft like the governor's plane.

The governor, who has since been flown to Germany for adequate treatment in view of the injury he sustained in the crash, obtained a private pilot licence from the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria, which allows him to fly himself.


AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi is ready to sell the Serie A powerhouse to Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the ruling Emir of the State of Qatar, as he feels the time has come to say farewell to his beloved club, reports.
The Rossoneri are being plagued by financial problems and were forced to cash in on star players Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva in the summer transfer window, while experienced servants such as Alessandro Nesta, Gennaro Gattuso and Clarence Seedorf were also waved goodbye in an attempt to lower wage costs.
Milan continues to struggle, though, and Berlusconi is unsure if he is the right man to help the San Siro side back on track, as his priorities currently lie elsewhere.


President Goodluck Jonathan said on Tuesday that the federal government will go after public officials found to have committed economic crimes in the country.
Speaking at the launching of the book – “Reforming the unreformable, lessons from Nigeria,” written by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iwela, in Abuja, President Jonathan disclosed that his administration will go after officials found to have committed various economic crimes and corrupt practices with impunity.


Wife of the Oyo State Governor, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, yesterday denied the story of her arrest by the London Metropolitan Police.
The PM News yesterday published a piece entitled: “Anxiety over Florence Ajimobi’s alleged arrest in UK”, which it claimed was written by an online agency, Newsleak.
The publication claimed that the governor’s wife was arrested in London for money laundering.
It said Mrs. Ajimobi had travelled abroad 52 times since her husband assumed office


Gov. Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State has sued the Independent Communications Network Limited, publishers of PM News, for libel. The governor is demanding N1 billion damages.
PM News yesterday published a piece entitled: “Anxiety over Florence Ajimobi’s alleged arrest in UK”, which it claimed was written by an online agency, Newsleak.
The publication claimed that the governor’s wife was arrested in London with a money.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

JIM IYKE Sets to Air Reality Show

Nollywood star, Jim Iyke sets to air reality show about his personal life. The present business man is up and about making productions about the reality show that covers just his personal life, and it is tagged “JIM IYKE UNSCRIPTED”. This is set to hit the screens in a matter of weeks on Africa cable TV networks such as Africa Magic and Oh Africa TV.


This man, Paul Ceglia, has paraded himself as the real owner of facebook, claiming a 50 percent shareholding in the company. However his case has landed him behind bars on fraud charges and enstranged him from his lawyer.
funny world


Last week Beyonce sported a pair of "Obama" earrings during a casual outing in New York City and, not unexpectedly, they're now a very in-demand item. Sales of the gold hoop earrings, designed by Erika Pena have apparently skyrocketed since Bey wore them in NYC.


Her name is Fatima Aliko Dangote and she is the one behind the popular Cupcake factory in Lagos, Nigeria. Her Cupcakes taste so good, you will get addicted. You just need to have a taste. She got the business sense from her dad and until her Cupcakes are all over Africa she won't be taking a break


 Turns out that Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea has an eye for pretty things. take a look at his stunning wife

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Aregbesola Launches 10,000-capacity Cattle Ranch (O’Beef), Berates Under-utilization of Resources

Governor Rauf Aregbesola at the weekend launched a cattle ranch where a new agro-based industry is emerging. The 78.8 hectares, 10,000-capacity cattle ranch is aimed at meeting the beef demand of the State of Osun as well as the entire South-West when fully operational. The Governor said the beef fa

rm would boost self-reliance in food production as well as create economic bases and job opportunities for our people.

At the commissioning of the Osun Beef Production outfit (O’Beef) ranch located at Oloba Farm Settlement in Iwo, he said it was primarily targeted at boosting agriculture, meat and food production, food processing and mass agro-based employment. It is also part of a plan to assist livestock farmers to improve milk and meat production, saying, plans are afoot to establish similar but lager ranches in Ede (400 hectares) and Ejigbo (1,000 hectares). Land has been acquired for this purpose and the location would have grazing reserves and cattle hub – including markets, feed mills. The grazing reserves will help us to tackle the recurring feud between the Fulani pastoralists and the crop farmers usually caused as a result of cattle grazing on farms.

Meanwhile, Aregbesola has declared that the country would remain poor despite the huge income from crude oil as long as the leaders fail to properly utilise the income to generate employment.

Speaking at the Education Conference of the National Union of Textile, Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria (NUTGTWN) held in Osogbo, he stated that it was an illusion to claim that the country is rich.
The governor said: “As a government we must be able to produce the food we eat. A government cannot be said to be good if it is incapable of feeding its own people. In Lagos alone, about 6,000 cattle are slaughtered daily in the abattoirs, while the remaining five South-West States combined conservatively accounts for another 6,000 based on their total population, no state in South-West produces a single one. All these animals come from the North. We intend to target just 10 per cent of the Lagos market. The governor described the potential of the beef market in the Southwest as huge, adding that it could not be waved aside by any visionary government.”

“This translates to a huge N4.4 billion per annum. This huge market demand for beef, the governor argued, carries the potential to empower the state and the entire Southwest people economically through wealth creation.”

For a start, the ranch, which is being managed by a South African expert in conjunction with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University, has 1,500 cattle sourced locally. The farm is being run with the technical direction of foreign Technical Partners from Zambia and South Africa.
According to the Governor, 30 foreign species of cattle called the Zambian Boran, would be introduced to the ranch with a view to genetically crossbreeding them with local ones to get new indigenous species.

When fully in operation, the ranch, which will be run on public private partnership basis, will have modern abattoir that offers services to the people at a lower rate.

It is the objective of this administration in the State of Osun to create the enabling environment that will make this happen.

“We will be dedicating and developing hundreds of hectares of land into grazing reserves, cattle markets, breeding centres, and fattening hubs. This will be in addition to the new central abattoirs that we are developing in selected towns across the state,” Aregbesola said.

It is against this backdrop that the government began a study of the process to come up with a programme that will be indigenous to the state and the region. In February 2011, this assignment took them to the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Ibadan, where they discussed about building partnerships to help the state develop a robust framework for implementing an innovative programme that focuses on Beef Chain Development in Osun. What came out of the interactions between the Osun team and the ILRI is the abattoir-linked enterprises that include fattening, breeding and marketing activities.


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One of the reasons for this jealousy is insecurity. A man may be paired with a very beautiful woman and feel that he is not quite handsome enough to be with her. The male may feel that she'll dump him for somebody else. Even if he feels, "handsome enough", every time she smiles and looks at somebody else-he will still feel insecure about himself and his relationship with his partner. Insecurities can be the heart and soul of every jealousy: insecurity about appearance, relationship status and the such. Through such feelings, comes a loss of trust, faith-never mind self-esteem.
A beautiful wife or girlfriend, and you have the recipe for a very jealous male partner. The man may feel that he had such a hard time getting her that she will easily walk out on him. Therefore, these negative emotions may get the best of him. In many cases, it simply is not true. But human emotions get the better part of some people, and this includes women in relationships, too. Sometimes, a lot of silly, stupid thoughts get the best of men and women in relationships. This can come through a breakdown in communications and understanding. Nevertheless, they are normal. But can become very extreme in some circumstances, bordering on obsessive behavior.
In the vast majority of all cases, the jealousy is simply not warranted. But say that to an insecure man. First, he'll deny it. But when it becomes very apparent, he'll say that she probably is cheating on him-wants another man. You may stand there, in deep consternation and befuddlement over these illusory jealousies. But he will still feel jealous, and may not be able to stop it. You end up empathizing, because you've been there yourself. The wife or girlfriend in question ends up feeling insecure over her own relationship. She feels restricted or under a tight leash because she may have a number of male friends and her male partner cannot even handle it. Jealousies have torn apart many a relationship over the years. It verges on and has easily crossed the lines of paranoia and obsessive behavior

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River Gov. Amaechi Buys $50 Million Bombardier Jet, Amid State’s Flood Disaster

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State has acquired a brand new Bombardier Global 5000 (N565RS) for his exclusive use.

Mr. Amaechi’s lavish new “toy” comes at a time hundreds of thousands of residents in his state are displaced by the worst flooding crisis in the state’s history.

The newly purchased jet left Montreal-Trudeau Airport in Montreal, Quebec to Dakar Yoff International Airport. And then it was delivered to the state government on October 7th 2012.

The jet was primarily purchased from Bombardier in Canada for $45.7 million through the Bank of Utah Trustee account. “This is an ungodly act,” said a Port Harcourt-based human rights campaigner. “Why should Governor Amaechi’s priority be to acquire a jet at a time the state is experiencing the worst flooding in its history, leaving many Rivers indigenes homeless?” he added.

Last year Mr. Amaechi traded off the state’s current Embraer Legacy 600 claiming it was too expensive to maintain. There were also unconfirmed claims that the jet was struck by lightning.

The oil-rich Rivers State already owns an AW139 helicopter which it leased to Aero Contractors. The state then turned around to patronize Aero’s VIP Sikorsky S76C helicopter at a cost one critic described as “exorbitant and unjustified.”

Last year, the state government sold its Dash 8-Q200 aircraft to Cross River State for $6 million. Cross River State then leased the plane to Aero Contractors to undertake commercial flights to and from Obudu airstrip in the state


Remember the widow of our late president, who was accused of manipulating the tides in favor of retaining an invalid as head of state? have you ever wondered why she has suddenly left the limelight? well, consider the fact that others who have held such a position, usually dedicate the rest of their lives to the service of the country, howbeit ceremoniously or assiduously.

well, turns out that she is seriously into her foundation, the Yar’Adua’s Women and Youth Empowerment
Foundation (WAYEF), and has little or no time for the media spotlight.
this former 'boss' of the 'kitchen cabinet' was in the spotlight earlier this year when she was in a bitter land tussle with the present first lady, madam Patience Jonathan.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Nigerian Student Breaks World Record, Scores 4.0 Over 4.0 In Turkish Varsity

A genius could be referred to as an exceptional child who is academically sound. But, how would you describe an individual who never misses a point in his examinations from first year in the university to the final year? If there is any adjective to qualify such a person, that word could best describe Tunji Olu-Taiwo, an Engineering student of Eastern Mediterranean University in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus who obtained 4.0 CGPA out of 4.0 CGPA, the first ever in the department.

Encomiums have continued to be showered on Tunji Olu-Taiwo from various quarters, because his impressive performance has placed him in the spotlight.

Over the years, Nigeria’s human resources have ranked among the best in the world partly due to the profound efforts of critical-minded parents that stimulate the astuteness that hides within every student, begging for whom to push the trigger.

Tunji Olu-Taiwo, who hails from Ifako-Ijaye Local Government Area of Lagos State, emerged the best graduating student from the Faculty of Engineering, obtaining a status of High Honours (first class).

Tunji is the first African to have bagged such a status in the Department of Engineering, obtaining a degree in Engineering on a Grade Point Average of 4.00 out of 4.00 (straight A’s).

Amid great honour and eulogy sang by the students and academic, expressing marvel at the development, Vanguard met with Tunji in an on

line chat to speak more on his success.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg as Role Model

“I am looking up to Mark Zuckerberg, he is a genius I love to emulate,” Tunji said. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as one of the five co-founders of the social networking site, Facebook. Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook. Inc.

Further Study

“I plan to further by specializing in the field of software engineering. “Software Engineering is a course I have cherished right from time. I know I owe the society more with this, that is the reason that I wish to go further in that regard for this dream to be fulfilled.”

Hopes and challenges in Nigeria

Tunji expressed hope in Nigeria when he said; “there is no place like home,” adding; “I like the fact that no matter the difficult situations Nigerians find themselves in, they still try to be happy.”

Advice for the Government

Poverty, I believe is the greatest distraction, frustrating process of seeking admission into universities and lack of steady electricity are some dire challenges the people, especially students, usually grapple with, in his honest opinion. Tunji advised the government thus:

“Admissions should be done on a per semester basis. I will advise that the Federal Government should try to provide constant electricity. This, to me, will automatically eradicate about 50 per cent of Nigeria’s problems. Also, a simple advice for all students is that the road to success is not on a straight path. Patience is a very important virtue that should be put to good use.”

Governor Flogs PHCN Manager For Power Failure

Governor of Sokoto State, Northwest Nigeria, Aliyu Wamakko, has flogged a manager of Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, for failing to supply electricity to his community.

Premium Times, an online news portal reports that the governor flogged the manager and ordered his security officials to assault two other PHCN staff.

The management of the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, KEDC, a subsidiary of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, accused the Governor of assaulting the workers.

The Acting Managing Director of the Company, Mohammed Adamu, made this known at a press briefing late Monday at the company’s Doka office in Kaduna.

Mr. Adamu explained that the staff was summoned by the governor and was beaten to a pulp by the Governor and some of his aides.

“On Saturday, 20th October, 2012, an unusual and unfortunate event took place which was beyond our comprehension. On the said date our business manager, Gwiwa Business Unit, Sokoto state, Moses Osigwe, was invited by the Executive Governor of the State, Aliyu Magatarkada Wamakko to his personal residence, over the issue of lack of power supply to his hometown, Wamakko, as a result of a failed 2.5MVA transformer.

“He accused our staff of deliberately denying his community, Wamakko, of power supply. As the business manager was trying to explain to him, the governor just brought out a horse whip (popularly known as bulala in Hausa la

nguage) and lashed him to a pulp,” Mr. Adamu said.

The PHCN boss said the governor’s brutality did not stop at being the direct aggressor, “as he also invited and instructed two hefty mobile police men to continue with the beating spree until the business manager fell on the ground and became unconscious.”

“In the same vain, the Governor did not stop at the beating of our business manager but invited two other staff of the company namely, Isyaku Daura, Officer 2 (Electrical) and Nuruddeen Mohammed, Staff 1 (Lines) and ordered the mobile policemen to beat them up, also to a pulp,” he lamented.

He described the governor’s action as uncalled for, barbaric, and uncivilised. The Senior Special Assistant to the Sokoto state Governor, Sani Umar, when contacted on phone told reporters that he was driving and would call back. He was yet to do so as at the time of this report.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

D’banj Does It Again! Voted As Best African Act At The MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

The Koko master D’Banj has once again proven himself as this time he has taken home the award for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. He beat other top African acts for the coveted awards, including Mi Casa (South Africa), Sarkodie (Ghana), Camp Mulla ( Kenya) and also our own Nigerian Wizkid.
The singer who won was said to have garnered the most votes from fans across sub-Saharan Africa. He would now go  head to head against  Alobo Naga & the Band (India) and Ahmed Soultan (Middle East)  for the chance to represent the African-Indian-Middle Eastern region in the Worldwide Act category, which celebrates all the music that MTV has to offer by showcasing artists from all parts of the world.

33 feared dead in Ogun as Coaster bus plunges into River

No fewer than 33 passengers were feared  dead yesterday  when a coaster bus loaded with passengers skidded-off  a dual carriage bridge and plunged into a river at J4, Ogbere -Ijebu stretch of the Sagamu – Ore expressway, in Ijebu East Local government area of Ogun state.

It was gathered that the bus sank immediately it plunged into the river and was reportedly swept away from the point of entry to the river.
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Friday, 19 October 2012

UNIBEN Set To Start Clearance Exercise For UTME & Direct Entry Candidates

The UTME and Direct Entry Candidates admitted into University of Benin for 2012/2013 academic session are required to login at with the PUTME/PUDE username and password used for their application and result checking to get details of clearance

Payment of acceptance fee commences on Monday, 22nd October, 2012, while physical clearance holds from Monday 5th to Friday 23rd November, 2012 at the University Akin Deko Main Auditorium, Ugbowo campus (only Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM each day)

All newly admitted candidates should note that allocation of bed spaces in the halls of residence is on the basis of first come, first served, and will commence on Monday 5th November 2012.


 source, THENation
Barely two weeks after four undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) were murdered at Omuokiri-Aluu, three persons including another student of the institution have been shot dead at Choba, one of the university’s host communities.
Also killed in the Thursday night incident were the student’s girlfriend and a young man who had just completed his national service in Port Harcourt.
There is uneasy calm in UNIPORT’s host communities, especially Omuokiri-Aluu, Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers State, over threats of reprisals by kinsmen of the four students who were lynched on October 5.
The three latest victims were shot at close range at about 10 pm on Thursday by unknown gunmen driving a sport utility vehicle (SUV).
The names of the victims were unavailable at press time.
It was learnt that the deceased persons had gone out for a drink to celebrate the passing out of the NYSC member , but on their way back rammed into a shop with their car.
It was gathered that the owner of the shop accosted the occupants of the car.
An argument soon ensued between the two parties and in a matter of minutes, the gunmen arrived the scene and opened fire on the trio.
They then zoomed off without taking anything from their victims

Aki and Paw Paw turn movie producers

Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) and Osita Iheme (Paw Paw) have formed their own film company and are currently working on their first movie, a comedy which will be released before the end of the year to mark their ten years in Nollywood.


According to what Stella Dimoko Korkus is reporting, Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke recently found out that he has an 11 year old son named Mario Ikechukwu who lives in the UK with his mum.

From SDK's BLOG:

For some this might be a shock,for some others''its been a long time coming''. Well you can take this info to the bank. Jim Iyke has an 11yr old son who has just been unveiled, and the little bloke is named Mario Ikechukwu and lives in the UK.
According to the info ''Jim just found out he has a son who is his mirror image and he is in shock because he found out a few days ago and does not know how to handle the situation.he is yet to meet his son but they have spoken once on the phone''.
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Wednesday, 17 October 2012



The flood has so far displaced over 50, 000 people in some states in the north, middle belt and parts of Delta regions. Dr Alban's country home in Oguta, Imo State and President Jonathan's country home in Otuoke community, Bayelsa State have bowed to the flood. More than half of the communities in these areas have been swallowed by flood.

Victims of this flood have been subjected to incredible hardship that most of us who live in states not affected will never begin to understand. Many deaths have been recorded. There have been rape cases, suicides and people missing.

This flood is not particularly a natural disaster, it's more like man made. The flood started early September when Cameroun released water from it's Lagdo dam - the dam supplies electricity to the northern part of Cameroun. Unfortunately water released from the dam is naturally unable to find its path within Cameroun to the Atlantic ocean, so it flows directly into River Benue, and because River Benue is steep, all the states around it is flooded by the water from the dam

Saturday, 13 October 2012

2 Nigerian students to die by firing squad for armed robbery

Please read the story below and tell us if you think these students' crime deserve the firing squad sentence!

Justice Theresa Igoche of the Makurdi High Court, on Tuesday sentenced two students, Vershima Kaachi and Akaazua Akpen, to death by firing squad for armed robbery.
The convicts were arrested on the eve of Christmas in 2007 for criminal conspiracy and armed robbery, contrary to Sections 5(b) and 1(2) of the Robbery and Firearms Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990.
Politicians steal billions and get a slap on the wrist. *tears for our people

Police shoot sales girl dead, injure 3 others

A 20-year old sales girl identified simply as Lucy, was on Friday was shot dead by policemen in the Apo area of Abuja. The girl was hit in the chest by bullets fired into a photography shop where she worked as a sales girl. Three other people sustained gunshot injuries when policemen from the FCT Police Command fired bullets indiscriminately in an attempt to enforce the demolition order of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council.

The policemen had stormed the area around 7 am with officials of Development Control Department, who had come to demolish illegal structures. But residents and indigenes, who felt that the government had no right to demolish their houses when they were yet to be resettled, resisted the operation

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Rapper Nelly was detained last night in Texas while police officers searched his tour bus and found heroin in addition to a loaded gun and massive amounts of weed, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.
According to law enforcement sources, Nelly's bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca -- and a police canine detected the presence of drugs.


An IRS Plane yesterday morning collided with an abandoned truck parked beside the taxiway at Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos. The wing of the aircraft collided with the truck which forced the Kano-bound plane to cancel the flight. Passengers were later put in another flight.
A statement from IRS Airline below...
“This morning our flight LVB 3306 taxied out on a Lagos to Kano flight with a transit stop at Abuja. The aircraft taxied out at 7:48am with 91 passengers. While taxing on the taxi way the Captain observed a FAAN truck in a ditch. There were no marshals around it neither was there any marking to indicate that it encroached into the taxi way. There was no Notice To Air Men (NOTAM) issued to that effect as well. The captain continued on his taxi and the wing tip hit a protrusion from the truck towards the rear of the truck. This made the captain request a return to ramp from the tower and also notify the tower of the incident and the danger posed by the truck. The passengers were disembarked and accommodated in another aircraft which departed Lagos at 10:15am. The incident has been reported to Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority and we await the clearance of the NCAA to effect repairs and return the aircraft to service.
No passenger or crew sustained injuries as a result of the incident.

Monday, 8 October 2012


President Goodluck Jonathan has just announced that he will address the nation on Tuesday.
A statement by his spokesman, Dr. Rueben Abati, this evening called on all radio and television stations to hook up to the network services.
The content of the President's proposed address is raising concerns among Nigerians.
It is the second time in barely one week that the President would make a nationwide broadcast.
He addressed Nigerians on the occasion of the Independent Day on October 1


Chidi Mokeme was the first anchor of Gulder Ultimate Search. He anchored season one and two before being replaced by Tintin in Season three.

7 years after he left without any explanations, he's back as the anchor! The show producers announced this at a selection party held recently in Lagos. This year's search will take place at the Usaka Forest in Obot Akara LGA of Akwa Ibom State


2013 The AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship for International Students (AU EGLS), USA
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[
Radboud Scholarships for Master’s Students at Radboud University Nijmejen, Netherlands 2013
Radboud University Nijmejen offers Radboud Scholarships for Master’s Degree Programme, Netherlands 2013 Study Subject(s):Courses offered by the university Course Level:The Master’s.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

[
Creative Advertising Scholarships at University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia 2013
University of the Sunshine Coast offers Creative Advertising Scholarships for Undergraduate Students from  Malaysia in the field of Marketing Communication,.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

[
2012 PhD Position in Animal Ecology at Uppsala University in Sweden
The Department of Animal Ecology offers PhD Position in Evolutionary Biology of Sexual Dimoprhism in Ageing at Uppsala University, Sweden 2012.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

[
2012 Two PhD Positions in Genomics at Uppsala University, Sweden
PhD Positions in Genomics at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala Biomedical Center, Sweden 2012 Study Subject(s):Scholarships are.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

[
Open Society Soros Justice Fellowships, USA 2013
Open Society Foundation offers Soros Justice Fellowships for a Project Related to Criminal Justice Issues, USA 2013 Study Subject(s): Eligible.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

[
2013 China Medical Board Next Generation Fellowships in Health Policy and Systems Sciences
Fellowships in Health Policy and Systems Sciences for Chinese Students and Training at  World-renowned Institutions, 2013 Study Subject(s):Scholarships are being.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

[
2013-2016 Mandel Postdoctoral Fellowships in Humanities and Jewish Studies, Israel
Interdisciplinary Center in Jewish Studies offers Mandel Postdoctoral Fellowships in Humanities and Jewish Studies for International Students, Israel  2013-2016 Study Subject(s): Humanities.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

[
Robert and Jean Sutherland Award at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 2012
Undergraduate Award in Business or Music for Canadian citizen at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 2012 Study Subject(s):Scholarships are being offered.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]