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So you are connected to the internet and want to start making money, the following is a list of potential money spinners. read and leave your comments below.

1. Sell E-books
On the Internet, E-books are 100% investment free, and about 90% problematic free as well because there is no shipping involved! Everything is simply virtual and if you ever get a sale, you get the full lob of cash that you sold your e-book for. If your a knowledgeable writer who has really great things to say on the latest trends that everyone is looking for answers for, simply make money off writing your own e-book.

If you can write an ebook that can help people in solving one problem or the other, trust me, you will be making good money from it. If you cannot write an ebook, you can still be making money selling other people's ebooks, even you can package free ebooks you download online and sell them to people.

I have been making money and keep making money day in day out, with this idea. Check to see how to do this. You can write an ebook on anything you can think of eg How to Bake Cakes, How to Get Ladies Phone Numbers easily, How to Cure Typhoid With herbs.....Just Think And Grow Rich.

2. Start Your Own Online Service

Whether it be for SEO, logo designing, web designing, blog monetization or whatever, starting your own online service can be profitable, and if you get enough good reviews, it can be a constant source of income and become sort of like a work at home job. The more people that get to know about your services, the more the money you stand to be making from rendering such services.

3. Start a Training School

Got a skill that you can excel in teaching others? Students are willing to attend and even pay to acquire diverse skills. If you become a reputable coach, money will be flowing in. Like all things, build it from scratch and build from the bottom up.

I have a friend that started his Computer Training school after his NYSC service using one computer in his house. When he started, he used to train 2 people at a time with scheduled time of training for different sets. Right now, he now has a big classroom with many computers and have turned this to his permanent work. You can train people on different things not compulsory you train them on how to use computers.

No matter where you are, there will still be some people with in your locality that will be willing to pay in return to learn something..Sit down, think and ask yourself questions....

4. Become BulkSMS Consultant

There are many troubled business owners who just want that cheap and reliable way of marketing their products/services to people, but just don’t know how to go about it. There are plenty of politicians who would be ready to pay you if you can help them spread their campaign messages directly to their target audience.

There are lots of churches, mosques, clubs, organizations that will pay you if you can help them send customize text messages to thousands of people at a price cheaper than phone to phone text messaging. With Customize, BulkSMS, you can get all those done and be making steady income from it.

5. Organize Seminars

There are a lot of people out there willing to attend seminars to simply learn new stuffs or just to acquire more skills. You dont even have to be rich to organise seminars. I have a friend that started making money organising seminars using primary school classrooms. Right now, he has stepped up to the extent that he now uses Hotels for his seminars. In as much as you have a skill you believe people will love to learn or you have info products you believe people will love to have and know how they work, then you are good to go.

I hope this article helps....

If you have anything to say,ask or you know other money making ideas to share, kindly make use of the comment form below.

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