Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Two Durex Condoms Fall Off Man Who Claims To Be A Preacher

A bus preacher was almost lynched on
Saturday morning at Toyota Bus stop, in
front of the popular Ladipo Spare parts
market, when some condoms allegedly
fell out of his bible as he preached the
‘Word of God’.
It gathered that the self acclaimed Man of
God was dragged out of the commercial
bus and beaten into a pulp before he was
rescued by some policemen.
The Pastor had embarked on his journey
from Apapa and proceeded to preach to
the people on the bus, using very strong
words like “If you wear trousers you’ll go
to hell! The Devil invented Make up!
Weave-on is from Marine Kingdom! If you
have pre-marital sex you will burn in hell
and your skin will peel!”
It was learnt that the people in the bus
were so moved and some started falling
under the anointing.
According to an eye witness, who was on
his way to his shop at Ladipo, “People
were just falling as he was laying hands.
One man almost fell out of the bus under
the influence of the Spirit. It was amazing
until he raised his hands to cast the
demons out of one girl, and 2 Durex
condoms fell out”
“The angry men in the bus who had been
having pangs of guilt due to the pastor’s
preaching about sex suddenly got really
angry and pounced on him, who all of a
sudden started shouting, I also preach
safe sex! Safe sex is good!”
However, Policemen had to be called to
the scene to save the pastors life. So far
2 arrests have been made, and the
Condoms have been kept as evidence.

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