Friday, 30 August 2013


The registration process for Gulder ultimate search has ended and the first round of the screening process ends today in Benin and Owerri. Yours faithfully was a participant in Benin and although I was kicked out unceremoniously in the screening, I decided to write this post to help those in Lagos whose screening begins on the first of September.
1 The first stage is physical training and its done on the first day. You might want to practice running four hundred meters at top speed because that’s the first screening requirement.  Make sure you make the top fifteen.
2 Also practice sitting in the air for at least three minutes. That will come in handy. Don’t forget to do at least fifty push ups and squats. Very important. All these should be done with the minimum show of strasin because those bouncers are pretty strict. Even if you complete your routine but you don’t look to comfortable you will be kicked out.
3 The second day is swimming. Good thing is that its not a competition of first to finish so you can complete your laps as leisurely as possible. However, be warned, try swimming as fluently and seamlessly as possible because if you don’t or show any signs of struggling in the water, you will be kicked out.
4 If you scale though theses and make it to the third day, count yourself lucky. But that’s the easy part. The third day is when the chaff is separated from the wheat . oral interview is the agenda, and don’t be fooled by the word oral. It encompasses even your dressing so no wearing of anything funny. A new addition is the incorporation of a driving test so you should be dexterous on the steering wheel. Its really an easy shot at the oral interview if you know what to do. Just read up anything on Gulder and Gulder ultimate search history, and be outspoken without being rude and you stand a good chance.
If you observe to do all these, then you are good to go. Wish you all the best, and do me proud.

NB Oh, lest I forget don’t forget you Gulder crown corks with differentiated codes. If you do forget however, don’t forget to stock up enough cash because there will surely be some sharp Lagos boys around ready to make brisk business by selling them. I guess this is a good business idea for any who are interested.

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