Thursday, 30 October 2014

* Festus Keyamo Petitions SSS, IGP Over Threat To Kill Him By Tompolo

Festus Keyamo a popular lawyer has written a
petition to the Inspector-General of Police, and
the Director-General of the State Security
Services, over an alleged threat to his life by
Mr. Government Ekpemupolo (Alias Tompolo).
Below is the letter dated Wednesday, October
29, 2014:
Dear Sirs,
My name is Festus Keyamo. I am a Nigerian
citizen and a senior member of the legal
profession in Nigeria.
At exactly 10:13pm on Tuesday, October 28,
2014, I received a telephone call from one Mr.
Government Ekpemupolo (alias Tompolo) with
phone number 08027721208. We have been
acquaintances in the past, so I know his
numbers. After reaffirming that he is Tompolo
when I picked his call, he went straight to the
point by informing me that he wishes to inform
me that he and his “boys” will kill me by
beating me to death or shooting me anywhere
they can find me. And that the hunt for me is
on. His exact words in pidgin English was “we
dey look for you. Anywhere we see you,
whether for Lagos or Abuja or Warri, we go beat
you die or we go shoot you.”
He said he would kill me because I have
decided to take up the matter involving his
blood brother, Mr. George Ekpemupolo, who
was used to illegally substitute another
candidate, Mr. Weyinmi Omadeli (48 hours to
the election) in the Warri South-West L.G.A
elections that were concluded last Saturday in
Delta State. He said no one has ever
challenged his authority in Delta State. Kindly
find attached the open letter I wrote to
Governor Uduaghan of Delta State yesterday
which has sparked Tompolo’s determination to
kill me.
I asked Tompolo FIVE TIMES whether, he was,
in fact, threatening my life over an open line
and he said nobody in the country can do
anything about it by the time I am dead.
Co-incidentally, exactly three minutes after
Tompolo dropped his line, His Excellency,
Governor Udaughan called me at exactly
10.16pm, and I reported to him what just
transpired between Tompolo and myself. The
Governor promised to speak with him, but that
cannot be reassuring enough, and I know the
remedy in law against an intended murderer is
not to beg him but to ignite the criminal justice
system against him, no matter how comatose
that system is.
I know the subject of this petition, Tompolo, is
a favoured citizen of this government, and I am
not. I know Tompolo is close to those in power
at the moment, whereas I am an ordinary
citizen. I know Tompolo has money and
influence (which are factors that are widely
acknowledged to aid a suspect walk away with
murder in Nigeria), but I have none of these. I
know Tompolo has instrument to kill human
beings, and I have none.
In the circumstance, I am making this petition
public so that when you refuse to attend to my
complaint and outcry, the ordinary people of
this country will, at least, know from where my
death came and I will not join the long list of
unresolved murders. My killer, should, at least
be known.
Thank you for, at least, reading my petition.
Yours sincerely,
1. President and Commander-in-Chief,
Federal Republic of Nigeria,
2. The Executive Governor of Delta State,
Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan
Government House,
Delta State.

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