Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Keyamo Petitions Prisons Over Attempt To Sodomise Charles Okah

Lagos lawyer, Festus keyamo, has written
a petition to the Comptroller General of
Nigeria Prisons, over allegations of acts
of sodomy taking place in Kuje Prison, in
the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.
In the petition dated Tuesday, Keyamo
complained that his client, Mr Charles
Okah, elder brother of jailed Henry
Okah, was almost Molested by some
prison officials on the pretext that they
wanted to confirm if he had stuffed some
substance in his anus.
According to the petition, “On
Wednesday, 3rd July, 2013, at about 6.30
am, some prison warders, specifically
Mr. Isah Musa (the chief clerk), Mr.
Tanko Gokuje, (the assistant yard master)
and three (3) other prison warders
(hereinafter referred to as the culprits)
entered our client’s cell (No.1) and
demanded to search his anus because
they claimed they had information that
he was hiding ‘incriminating’ materials
therein. Before entering his cell, they
made sure all other inmates were locked
up in their cells.”
The lawyer maintained that although
his client protested the so-called
examination, the warders
overwhelmed him in the cell, and
when he eventually allowed the
examination to be carried out, he saw
Musa, the chief clerk, undressing,
armed with a full and “sustained”
Attention of his organ, forcing him
(Okah) to raise the alarm, calling for
According to the petition, Okah had
heard of such acts of sodomy within the
prison among other inmates. But until
that fateful morning, he had not
experienced it.
In his words: “Having heard from other
inmates in the past that this is a known
pattern used by warders to sodomise
inmates, our client initially resisted the
attempt, but was forced to succumb after
much pressure and insistence by the
“However, having succumbed, to the
utter shock and dismay of our client, he
saw that Mr. Isah Musa pulled off his
clothes and with the sustained Attention
attempted to carry out the acts of
sodomy on him. To achieve this, our
client was then held to the ground by Mr.
Tanko Gokuje and three (3) other
warders. Our client had to intensify his
struggle and resistance to prevent the
completion of the criminal act. Our
client screamed for help and this was
heard by other inmates.”
Keyamo said although the report of the
incident was made, the prison authorities
led by DCP Felix Lawrence, pleaded with
Okah not to formalise the complaint and
urged him to “kill the report”.
The lawyer noted that “this criminal act
has been reported as a common and
recurring phenomenon in the Nigerian
prisons. It simply shows the despicable
level of moral decadence of the officers
who are paid to take charge of prison
While urging the Comptroller General of
Prisons to investigate the allegation,
Keyamo called for the application of
“appropriate sanctions” on those found
wanton in the case.


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