Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Prevent acne and pimples

Battling with pimples or acne is common among
many people it is common to see some well
meaning people battling with this in public and
trying to pop it off from their face....what to
1. Wash your face about twice each day. Use a
mild soap made especially for people with acne,
and warm water. Do not scrub the skin.
2.Don't try to burst the pimples.(if it is infected
by bacteria) You may push the infection further
down, causing more blocking and worse swelling
and redness. Popping pimples makes scarring
more likely.
3.Always wash your hands before touching your
face. This includes before applying lotions,
creams etc
4.Keep your hair clean and away from your
5.Avoid being under stress for long.
6.Avoid exposing yourself to the HARMFUL RAYS
of the sun...Too much sun can cause your skin
to produce more sebum(oily substance).....
........To be CONTINUED
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