Friday, 16 November 2012


Meet pascal eronmose ojezele, The 24 year old student of University of Benin, who a few hours ago beat fellow contender, onyinye to clinch the ultimate prize, totalling a whopping 20 million naira (9 million in cash, 10.5 million naira worth SUV, and .5 million naira swagger allowance) in the 9th edition of Gulder ultimate search (GUS9.0).
Pascal was selected in an exclusive event at the Eko hotels 29 days ago to go into the jungle, along with eleven other contenders, and take a shot at winning the ultimate prize. Pascal, not only proved his mettle, but went ahead to become the star of the show, as he was the head warrior a record number of times, more than any other contestant.
Pascal, was not therefore surprised to be part of the final four contenders, who ventured into the gatekeepers territory to get a shot at winning. the others being james, onyinye and nuhu.
At first, they were assigned a task to piece together a puzzle and obtain a map, which Nuhu failed at executing, hence, he was evicted.
James quickly followed when he was unable to piece together a second puzzle in time, leaving behind, Onyinye and Pascal. A series of clues led them back to base camp where Pascal with his characteristic  dexterity and alertness found the hidden treasure in time, and went on to become the ultimate champion.

Pascal is a graduating student of applied mathematics in the University of Benin (greatest uniben students!!!),
and he has described himself as an avid reader. With this feat, he has cemented his name in the Ultimate search hall of fame.
On behalf of myself and all other Unibest students, we say Big Ups.

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